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The World As A System Of Three Gears Blocked by


Think of the world as fundamentally three gears connecting or representing subworlds.

These three subworlds are: The West, The Third World, & Zionism/Israel.

The Zionist world “sends” Islamophobia to the Western gear and hyperviolence, symbolized by Israel/Palestine and the Iraq War, to the Third World, particularly the Arab & Muslim part.

The neocons, Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith. Kristol, Michael Ledeen, David Wurmser, Elliott Abrams, Podhoretz (father and son), Kagan family (Robert, Fred, Donald), Ken Adelman (who replaced Eugene Rostow in the 1980s as Reagan’s Arms Control head) plus their associates, such as Kissinger, Mort Zuckerman, represent Zionist panic (and the resulting poisonous violence, hysteria and deceit), over the potential meshing oftheother two gears: The West and the Third World.The Zionist world wants to bring about a “clash of civilizations” and a global civil war with Arabs…

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