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Professor of Economics

Present Position:

Professor of Economics, Faculty of Economics,

Cairo University

Citizenship: Egypt

Mailing Address: Elbourg Bldg., Namoozag 19, Apt 77B, Midan Elgazayer, New Maadi 11742, Cairo, Egypt.
Phone, Home: +202-25164658
Fax: +202-27545891
Cell phone: +2-0106510809

Ph.D. (Economics), McMaster University, Canada, 1974.
M.A. (Economics), University of British Columbia, Canada, 1970.
B.Sc. (Economics, distinction), Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, 1964.


Professor, Dept. of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, 1985 to present.

Deputy Leader, World Bank Core Planning Team- Kuwait, 1979-1981.


State Prize for Achievement in Social Sciences (Economics), 2005.

Fulbright Visiting Research Scholarship, 2002/2003.

Fulbright Visiting Research Scholarship, 1988/1989.

Research Award in Economics, Cairo University 1985.


Globalization and financial crises. WTO discipline and the prospects of industrializaion in developing economies, with emphasis on Egypt and other Arab countries. Pro-poor macropolicies. MDG-based debt sustainability analysis. Democracy and Development.


A- Team Leader/Principal Investigator:

UNDP research project on Macroeconomics for Poverty Reduction- case of the Sudan, 2003-04

Research project on Industrialization in Egypt, Egypt 2020 Project, Third World Forum, Middle East Office, Cairo, 1999-2001.

Research project on Investment Incentives and Manufacturing Industry, Egyptian Ministry of Industry and Mineral Wealth, 1996-97.

Research project on Structural Adjustment and Industrialization in Egypt, sponsored by Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM), 1994-1995.

Research project on Arab Futures at the Center for Arab Unity Studies, Cairo, 1984-1985 (Coordinator).

Research project on the Political Economy of Income Distribution in Egypt sponsored by Princeton University, Oct. 1977- April 1979 (with Robert Tignor).

B- Team Member:

IDRC-funded research project on Democracy and Development in the Arab World, 2006-07.

Research project network on Arab Alternative Futures, UNU and Third World Forum, 1986-87.

Research project on Stabilization and Adjustment Programmes and Policies (SAPP),sponsored by the UNU/World Institute for Development Economics Research (WIDER), Helsinki, 1985-6.

Research team on Petroleum and Natural Gas at the Development Research and Technological Planning Center (DRTPC) Cairo University, 1984-1986.

Research group at the Industrial Development Center for the Arab States (IDCAS) on a Basic Needs Strategy for Development in the Arab countries, Feb. 1978- Oct. 1978.

The Cairo University-MIT joint research project on Planning Techniques in Egypt, April 1977- Sept. 1979.

The Arab Long Range Planning Group, Institute of National Planning, Cairo, 1976-1977.

Research Group on the Use of Petromoney at the Institute of Arabic Studies and Research, Cairo, 1976.

Research team on Demographic Projection and Analysis, The American University in Cairo, 1975.

`Research team that conducted a study for the United Nations on industrialization in the Arab Countries, 1965-66.

Model Building Group, Institute of National Planning, Cairo, 1965-1968.


Consultant to UNDP-DESA for MDG-based Debt Sustainability Analysis.

Consultant to the UNDP as international expert to help in formulating the Sixth Five-Year Plan (2006-2010) for the Arab Republic of Syria, September-October, 2005.

Consultant to the UNDP on “Macroeconomics for Poverty Reduction: the case of Sudan”, 2003-2004.

Consultant to the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) for the Economic Report for Africa 2003; and member UNECA work Review Expert Panel, 2004.

Consultant to the European Union, Economic Policy Programme, on “Trade Relations of Palestine with the Arab Countries,” March-June 1997.

Consultant to The International Development Research Center (IDRC) on Impact Assessment of IDRC-Financed Research Projects in Egypt, April-July 1997; and the Evaluation of Electricity-Transmission Training Project, March-May 1996.

Consultant to the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), on developing appropriate performance criteria for state owned nterprises in Anglo-phone African countries, September 1994.

Consultant to The Population Council, Regional Office for West Asia and North Africa, January 1993- May 1994.

Consultant to the Energy Planning Agency, Government of Egypt, November 1992- March 1993.

Consultant to the UN Economic and Social Commission for West Asia (ESCWA) as a member of the Expert Group to examine and help finalize Programme 34: Regional Co-operation for Development in West Asia, October 1991- February 1992.

Consultant to Dar Al-Handassa Consultants (Shair and Partners), Cairo, 1989-1990.

Consultant to the UN Economic and Social Commission for West Asia (ESCWA) to prepare alternative estimates of the poverty line for Bahraini households, based on the 1983/84 Household Income and Expenditure Survey for Bahrain, February- July 1987.

Adviser to The Research Department of the National Bank of Egypt, 1981-84.

Consultant to The Ministry of Economy and Economic Co-operation, Government of Egypt, 1975-76.

Consultant to The Council of Arab Economic Unity, 1974-75.


The University of Southern California (USC), Fulbright Senior Scholar and Visiting Professor in the Department of Economics, 2002/2003. Taught Economic Development of the Middle East.

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Fellow of the Center for Near Eastern Studies and Visiting Professor in the Department of Economics, 1995. Taught International Trade Theory.

Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies(SAIS), Senior Fulbright Visiting Scholar, 1988/89.

The Diplomatic Institute, Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Economy of Egypt in a Regional and International Setting, 1985-87, 1990-92.

The American University in Cairo, 1976-77 and 1981-84. Taught Economic Theory, Economic Development, and the Economy of Egypt.

Cairo University, 1975- present. teachiung: Econometrics, International Economics, Money and Banking, the Political Economy of the Arab Countries, the Political Economy of Egypt and the Middle East, and Project Evaluation.

McMaster University, lecturer, 1970-74. Taught Introduction to Economics, and Economic Theory- macro and micro.

Cairo University, teaching assistant, 1964-68.


Member of the UNDP PRN Sub-Group Globalization, 2005.

Member of the Societé Egyptienne d’Economie Politique, de Statistique et de Legislation, 1975 to present.

Member of the Arab Society for Economic Research, 1988 to present.

Member of the Middle East Economic association, 2003 to present.

Member of the editorial Board of the Arab Economic journal, the Review of Middle East Economics and Finance.

Member of the Specialized National Councils (National Council on Production), 1998 to present.

Member of the Advisory Committee for the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Egypt, 1994-1995.

Member of the Selection Committee for The Middle East Research Competition (MERC), 2006- , and 1989-1991.

Member of the Advisory Committee for The Middle East Research Awards (MEAwards), 1992-1995 and 1983-85.

Secretary of the Societé Egyptienne d’Economie Politique, de Statistique et de Legislation (Cairo), 1975-1979.

Played an active role in initiating and organizing the Egyptian Economists’ Conference, now held annually since 1976.


Professor of Economics Cairo University


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