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God Cried

Tony Clifton (Author)

Catherine Leroy (Author)

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Product Description

Recounts the 1982 siege of Beirut by the Israeli Army and describes the pain and suffering caused by the fighting.

This review is from: God Cried (Hardcover)

Tony Clifton’s book “God Cried,” represents the main body of published photographic documentation of the Israeli terror-bombing of downtown Beirut, Lebanon in the summer of 1982, when clearly marked schools, hospitals and apartment blocs were deliberately and mercilessly bombed.

Tens of thousands of civilians died in this now forgotten holocaust. There is still some discussion of Sabra and Chatila, the September massacre of Palestinians by the Phalange under Israeli direction, but the far more horrid and extensive massacre represented by the indiscriminate aerial bombardment of the civilian sectors of Beirut is almost completely forgotten, seemingly even by many Lebanese, and certainly by the US media.

But until the last copy of “God Cried” is stamped out, the truth will out.
–Michael Hoffman, co-author, “The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians.”

This shocking book reveals the pure, unadulterated terror the State of Israel inflicted on this sad land. Both the pictures and the prose bring home the brutality of what Israel did (and is doing) to the Palestinian people.

Some of the conclusions, written in 1982/83, hauntingly resonate today with a clarity that only those which have withstood the test of time can. Clifton, an award-winning journalist with Newsweek and photographer Cathrine Leroy (also winner of numerous prestigious prizes) have put together more than a documentary account of Israel’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon and the subsequent siege of Beirut and the massacres of Sabra and Shatila. With unquestionable evidence they have produced a scathing commentary on Israel‘s brutal war of terror waged against an innocent people.

This review is from: God Cried (Hardcover)

This book gives its readers a glimpse into the suffering the Palestinian and Lebanese people have had to endure, under the merciless assault of the Israeli Army, that seems to get away with all its terror with full Western backing, especially American.

Product Details:

· Hardcover: 141 pages

· Publisher: Quartet Books (UK) First Edition

· October 1983

· Language: English

· ISBN-10: 0704323753

· ISBN-13: 978-0704323759

God Cried

Tony Clifton (Author)

Catherine Leroy (Author)


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