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The Conquest Of Time

A non fiction book by H G Wells


The Conquest of Time: Time is the one thing that governs our very being – whether young or old, at the end of our days or just starting out in life, time is a fixed quantity. Measurable and exact, it orders our days and instructs our activity with a rigid and monotonous regularity. But what if time were to become fluid? If the hands on the sundial could be altered to speed on to the next day, or to revert to our yesterdays? Wouldn’t this have immeasurable implications on every aspect of our lives? And if time becomes transient, the concept of death must surely take on a very different flavour. Once the controlling force of time has been usurped, a whole host of philosophical questions come into play – questions that H G Wells ponders with remarkable dexterity.

The Happy Turning: A Dream of Life ‘The fantasies of dreamland go an immeasurable way beyond what is now conceivable and practical.’ As an escape from the horrors of the final days of the Second World War, H G Wells turns his thoughts to the dream world – a world unbound by the logic and reason of earthly matter and a world where he can come face to face with deities and supernatural beings. The fantasy he conceives is intelligent, exotic and thoroughly entertaining.

Product Description

In this superb little book, written during World War II, historian, sociologist, and novelist H G Wells (1866-1946) contemplates the belief systems, prejudices, and institutions that have brought humankind to a dreadful impasse, where it stands at the brink of destruction – or of a new beginning. In his lucid summary of modern ideas concerning the fundamentals and ultimates of existence, Wells points out how absurd and outmoded religious beliefs, marked by intolerance, hatred, and exclusion, have poisoned human beings’ relations with the world and each other. These need to be replaced by a new social morality and a heightened sense of humankind’s proper place in a dynamic universe.

If humans are so smart, why do they behave so stupidly? Why are the talking monkeys so greedy and hateful? Where did civilization go wrong? The author of “The Time Machine” tries to figure it all out in this oft-overlooked and slim volume of original, non-fiction essays.

Product Details:

· Paperback: 101 pages

· Publisher: Prometheus Books

· December 1994

· Language: English

· ISBN-10: 0879759208

· ISBN-13: 978-0879759209

The Conquest Of Time

A non fiction book by H G Wells



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