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Centre for Education and Documentation

CED Mumbai
3 Suleman Chambers
4 Battery Street
Behind Regal Cinema
Mumbai – 400 001

Phone: (022) 22020019
email :

CED Bangalore
No. 7, 8th Main , 3rd phase
Domlur 2nd Stage
Bangalore – 560071

Phone: (080) 25353397

1 Perspective & Role

In an increasingly globalised environment, information has been recognised as the key to development. However, the form and the concerns of this information are shifting away from the real needs of the marginalised people. More serious is the lacunae of information at the middle levels of agents of social change, particularly NGOs and Action Groups.

Besides providing development information to these middle levels, CED sees its institutional role in the long term as developing and bringing into currency open democratic information systems. The end objective is to ensure that such systems become part of the socialisation process in civil society and an inalienable instrument which enable thinking and democratic exposure to issues and concerns of the marginalised sections of society, development, human rights and self-assertion.

Besides this general role of an institution of civil society, CED also has a specific role as one of the ‘contending’ associations in the same civil society, as after all it represents, as an NGO, specific interests — that of the poor and marginalised sections of society. In this mission, it locates itself within the NGO context and is basically a support and advocacy-support organisation.

There is a definite “niche” for information on issues of concern to NGOs. CED’s USP (Unique Selling Point) is its up-to-date, non-academic, social reality based collection of clippings, articles, NGO and Government reports, etc. No other centre seems to provide such a wide span of development information under one roof.

2 Mission

To excel as an information organisation on social and development issues, and make available to NGOs and other organisations and individuals in civil society, information and analysis on all emerging and latent issues which affect the interest of the marginalised.

CED’s current mission is to go to scale through Electronic Documentation and Specific outputs oriented information packages for the target groups of NGOs, and students.

3 Project Areas

CED has its centres in Bombay and Bangalore. These are Reading Rooms and Libraries, where the bulk of the ‘visitor-users’ are from these two cities. Students, journalists, other professionals, and NGOS/activists predominate. Bombay also serves as administrative headquarters, but this is gradually being shifted to Bangalore. The ‘tele-users’ are spread all over the country, and a few from even beyond. These are basically our DOCPOST users.

4 Organisation: Form, Type and Structure

Form: CED is registered Public Trust, all of whose activities are its information centres, now In Bombay and Bangalore.

Type: While CED sees itself as an information organisation in civil society at large, its raison d’être is representing the interests of the marginalised as an NGO. And since its most significant target group is the NGO community and change agents, it doubles up as a support organisation. It can also be typified as an awareness generation organisation among its secondary, though numerically larger, target group of students, teachers, professionals, journalist etc.

Centre for Education and Documentation


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