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Globalization: Deep Structure is an earlier entry on this blog site which you will find at this URL:

It explains how the neocon/Zionist “world” is blocking the intermarriage of the West and the Third World.

The neocon/Zionist “world” wants to unleash a global civil war pitting the West against Muslims and the constant tone of hysterical warmongering and Islamophobia are the main tools to this end.

This neocon/Zionist “anti-world world” desires a “clash of civilizations” and the Iraq War, which is step one in their violent “mayhemization” of the planet, is supposed to be a prelude to perpetual warfare against Muslims, Arabs, Palestinians. Their idea is to derail or sever global circuits of capital, investment, energy banking, Islamic finance, linking the three worlds, shown in the picture above.

The businessman in the picture above, hopping from world to world, symbolizes this three-worlds integration.

The three “worlds” are: The West, Israel/Jews, the Third World.

This is also why Sharon and Olmert and Netanyahu keep moving and acting to negate and sidetrack any Arab peace initiatives, such as have been repeatedly offered from 2002 to the present, not to mention serious and repeated Palestinian peace offers that go back to the 1970s.

Israeli “false flag” operations involving murder and arson in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, are calculated to sow confusion globally and speed up the counterglobal “mayhemization process.”

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